Project Requirements
Submission is free - so feel free to submit multiple projects!

1) 20 images on a single narrative topic or visual theme (Open Show is NOT a portfolio review!).
2) File format: JPEG format image at 72 DPI and 1500 pixels (or larger) on the longest side.
3) NO TEXT on images or watermarks.
4) Only cropping and minor image adjustments are acceptable for journalism or documentary projects.
5) Borders are only acceptable for scans of printed photographs that cannot be produced in any other way (film, etc.).
6) Name your images in the sequence you wish to show them (Example: John_Smith_01.jpg, John_Smith_02.jpg). This sequence cannot be changed later. When uploading please select from lowest to highest number to maintain order.

  • You MUST be present at Open Show on the date selected for your work to be shown.
  • We create all title slides and no explanatory text slides are allowed.
  • If your work is selected you will be notified by email at least one week in advance of the event date with tips on how to prepare.
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