Venue: Ayatana Gallery

Date: June 23rd 2013 Sunday

Time: 6: 00 PM onwards

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Open Show organizes FREE social screenings where the public can see compelling work and interact directly with, filmmakers and multimedia producers in high-profile spaces.

Five curated presenters (from students to professionals) have 10 minutes each to show their project while the audience poses questions or provides project feedback.

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Vatsala Goel


ATTENTION: We’re recruiting new co-producers for Open Show Pune. If you’re one of them please get in touch with us at:


Your application must include:

1) Three tightly edited photo essays by people who you would nominate as potential presenters in future shows. One of these works could be your own.

2) A link to your web presence. This could be a website that showcases your work or a blog/feed which you regularly update with every thing that inspires your work/ creative & professional tastes. At least two months in archive.

3) A short note about yourself also telling us why you would be interested in this position. Maximum word limit 800 words.

What we’re looking for in a Co- Producer:

1) Speaks English, Marathi and Hindi at least with functional proficiency.

2) Has regular access to the internet. Is tech friendly and willing to navigate new media and interfaces. Is comfortable using email, skype and fb, MS Office. Responds promptly.

3) Is actively seeking out and proposing new and thoughtful photography and film work vital to the curation process.

4) Capable of providing meaningful feedback to each project author who submits work.

5) Is self motivated, persuasive, super organized and devotes regular hours to Open Show work as and when needed.

6) Is able to prioritize between tasks and lead when other co-producers are away.

7) Open Show is a pro bono venture and relies entirely on self finance and sponsorships and donations form patrons. Candidate should be willing to pitch in some money without any reimbursement guarantees. Usually costs are incurred in poster printing and related commute around town. Reimbursements are made against actuals from donations received per show.

Work entails:

1) Writing well structured and lucid emails in english (or vernacular) to presenters, submitters, venues, sponsors. Following up with all these people on a regular basis.

2) Regularly updating the facebook page with relevant information.

3) Doing what ever it takes to seek out new work – including sending indvidual emails to collectives, photographers, film makers.

4) Staying in touch with prospective venues and sponsors for space and equipment sponsorship.

5) Generating new ideas to improve the existing workflow and model.

6) Putting up posters in landmarks across the city to keep people informed about the next show and to call for submissions.

7) Seeking collaborations with creative collectives and institutions to further their work and add value to both brands.

8) Maintaining invoices for any expenses incurred. Record of reimbursements and invoices over excel sheets.

What you will get from this: 

1) Access to an international curatorial platform.

2) Make deeper and meaningful connections with photographers, film makers and editors from across the country.

3) Opportunity to jumpstart your curatorial career with great hands-on experience.

4) Getting great backend experience in organizing art events with good ethical and curatorial practices.

5) Be in the thick of furthering good photography practices in your city

We’re looking for volunteers to help publicize and set up with upcoming shows- contact us to see how you can help.

Open Show Pune Facebook Page


Ayatana Gallery, Pune

Open Space

If you have an event space or know of a great one let us know. Open Show venues fit 50+ people and include universities, galleries, studios, companies, non-profits arts, community spaces and more.


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