Open Show Hyderabad  # 10

SHOW DATE: June 21st, 7pm

VENUE: Lamakaan

Open Show organizes FREE social screenings of compelling work by photographers, filmmakers and multimedia producers held in high-profile spaces. Our shows give a rare chance for the public to interact directly with project creators.

Five curated presenters (from students to professionals) have 10 minutes each to show their project while the audience poses questions or provides project feedback

Presenters are:
Kishor Krishnamoorthi – India In China
Urmimala Chatterjee – Portraits and Places, Journeys and Home
Nandan Singh Latwal – Lesser Man
Swarat Ghosh – Bodo – Bengali Muslim Migrant Conflict, Assam – The Consequence
Shiva Chiluveru – Musi River Floods

RSVP: Link


Madhu Reddy

Aditya Mopur


Neha Malhotra

Akhil Tandulwadikar

Boban James

Members of Hyderabad Photography Club


For information please email madhu@openshow.org

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