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When Pictures Come to Life: Storytelling in the Internet Age


Join award-winning multimedia producers from The Washington Post, District 7, and National Public Radio as they present the latest in the art of storytelling for web and digital platforms.   The integration of photography, video, sound, animation, and  interactive infographics for news and commercial forums will be explored.  Projects range from video journalism documenting the rise of a young football star to time-lapse photography developed for the opening sequence of House of Cards.




BRAD HORN, Video Journalist, The Washington Post

Brad Horn is a photographer, videographer, and public radio storyteller.  His work has appeared on the websites of The Washington Post, NPR, MediaStorm, among others; and his audio pieces have aired on NPR’s All Things Considered Weekend.  He has instructed multimedia workshops for MediaStorm, the National Press Photographer’s Association, Maine Media Workshops, and Syracuse University’s school of photojournalism.  He received a Master’s in Multimedia Storytelling from the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University, where he studied under multimedia guru Bruce Strong and taught classes with professor and audio god Doug Quin.  He lives in DC with his wife and daughter, and likes hitchhiking, eating pickled foods, talking to plants, and watching Star Trek the Next Generation.


DREW GERACI, Owner/Director of Photography, District 7

Drew Geraci is a passionate and award winning photographer/videographer who specializes in motion time-lapse photography. He spent 9 years working as a Mass Communication’s specialist in the US Navy, 3 years as Multimedia Producer for the Washington Times and 2 years at his business, District 7 Media. His clients include David Fincher, Angus Wall, NFL, HBO, Discovery Channel, Coach, Corona Extra, PBS, ESPN, FOX and others.


JOHN W. POOLE, Video Producer, National Public Radio

John Poole makes documentary films and multimedia presentations for the web and digital platforms, extending the reach and power of traditional photojournalism with moving pictures and sound.  Over his 15-year career, Poole has covered a range of subjects, including national elections in South Africa and the United States, the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks and their aftermath, the effects of global climate change, and conservation issues in Peru and Namibia.  His work led to three national Emmy nominations for NPR Music series ‘Project Song’ and an investigative series on traumatic brain injury, and his work on a feature story about violinist Joshua Bell contributed to a Pulitzer Prize in 2008.  The White House News Photographers Association has honored Poole with more than 20 awards for his work, including the 2005 Video Editor of the Year.


ADAM COLE, Reporter/Producer, National Public Radio

Adam Cole was born in the great state of Oregon and educated on a farm near San Francisco.  He studied pregnant garter snakes, the physics of mussels, and cancer-causing genes before starting work as a newspaper reporter in a small dairy community.  A youtube video about poop landed him an internship at National Public Radio, and when that internship ended, he refused to leave.  Now he makes animations, videos, illustrations and radio pieces for NPR’s science desk.








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