An Enduring Grace

California photographer Michael Kirchoff presented his project, “An Enduring Grace” at the launch of Open Show LA last October. The project is a personal exploration of Russia and the former Soviet Republics through photographs of a landscape where whimsical Byzantine cathedrals coexist with Cold War era Communist monuments.

The distinctive look of these photos is achieved on a Graflex XL medium format camera shooting the now discontinued Polaroid 665 positive/negative film.

Transfiguration Cathedral and Tower, Kizhi Island, Russia

Giant Lenin head, Ulan-Ude, Siberia

Motherland Statue, Kiev, Ukraine

See more of his work at

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2 Responses to An Enduring Grace

  1. William Stafford says:

    Beautiful images! Such an interesting look. Wish I could have seen this presentation…do people only ever do them more than once, or do they show the pictures at other open shows?

  2. Jin says:

    We’ve definitely have had the presenters showcase one project at multiple locations or for special shows (for example, our upcoming Bay Area Apple shows). But we haven’t had people present the same project twice in one location.

    If you want to find out a bit more, I’d encourage you to contact Michael. I’m sure he’d appreciate it. I can say from experience that photographers don’t get enough attention for their work. :)

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