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We are excited to do Open Show Arles #3 for the second year in a raw at le Magasin de Jouets during the 2013 opening week of Les Rencontres d’Arles, one of the most important annual photographic events in the world. For the last four decades it has celebrated the finest work, venues, events, talks, people, and celebration of the art.

DATE: Thursday July 4th | 4pm-6pm
VENUE: le Magasin de Jouets | 19 rue jouvène – 13200 Arles


Delphine Millet - Portraits intérieurs, histoires extérieures
Yoav Horesh - All Yen w/Holga Inspire: CONTROL?
Scarlett Coten – Mectoub
Mathieu Bonnet – Penitence contre tous
Fabrice Fouillet – Eurasism

Open Show organizes free access evenings during which photographers and video makers, whether professionals, students, or amateurs discuss their projects and creative process with an eclectic audience. These exchanges are an opportunity for the authors to receive precious commentaries, allowing them to apprehend differently their project, while the public is given access to the inner layers of a creative process. All engage in a committed reflection, in a warm and relaxed atmosphere. The projects, whether in progress or finalized, be they social documentary, artistic or historical approaches, can be submitted in two formats: screening of a series of twenty images (ongoing or finished project) or a multimedia film (4 to 7 mn).

Since 2008, le Magasin de Jouets has been a permanent place for discovery and promotion of emerging artists. It is organized around an exhibition space, a store and a library. It is a place of exchange, discovery and cultural life. Mindful of the work available, le Magasin de Jouets is committed, in collaboration with artists, to pursue a commercial policy allowing everyone to find an image or object, signed at the height of his ability. The gallery organizes meetings with artists, signature, listen to sound art, video art projections.
In 2013, the gallery will display a special exhibition about The South East Asia production.

Le Magasin de Jouets

vue n°7

vue n°10

Mathieu Grandjean
Nicolas Havette

Open Show is people powered – become a part of our Open Show Arles#3 event team by contacting us .

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